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SalesPage and CRS Announce Launch of Mortgage TracTM

By January 29, 2015February 11th, 2019News

KALAMAZOO, MI  – SalesPage Technologies, LLC and Customer Retention Solutions (CRS), Inc. announce the launch of Mortgage Trac™. This opportunity management system provides loan analytics, automated lead generation, and campaign management tools, all designed to increase the effectiveness of loan officers.

David Disser, founder of CRS, recognized the demand for this system. “In 2013 we saw the refinance marketplace was shrinking to the point that by 2014 new strategies were necessary to maintain profits and clients,” commented Disser. “By partnering with SalesPage, we were able to leverage the expertise of two firms to produce a unique opportunity management system.”

With Mortgage Trac™, those in the banking industry can make better use of mortgage loan portfolios and identify opportunities that provide the best economic benefit. Loan officers and managers can quickly focus their efforts on high-return opportunities while continuing to analyze and attend to the needs of their current and potential customers.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve done on the CRS Mortgage Trac™ product, and we are excited to see it hit the market. Partnering with CRS on this initiative is another great example of how SalesPage stands ready to help our clients leverage data to increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts,” commented Aric Faber, VP of Sales and Marketing for SalesPage.

About Customer Retention Solutions (CRS), Inc.

Customer Retention Solutions (CRS) was founded by David Disser in 2001 to provide financial institutions with cost-effective marketing campaigns to retain their clients. Since that time, CRS has grown to specialize in the mortgage retention and purchase marketplaces.

By using superior analytics and carefully crafted marketing pieces, CRS has been able to develop campaigns that consistently exceed industry success rates. CRS’s marketing campaigns can be used not only for retention marketing but for opening up new mortgage opportunities.

About SalesPage Technologies, LLC

Founded in 1983, SalesPage Technologies provides targeted distribution management solutions to financial services companies around the globe. SalesPage products are used to consolidate and reconcile production data, understand market share, manage multi-channel distribution territories, and manage relationships. SalesPage services include: consultation; specification, design, and development; documentation; and training. The total value of SalesPage comes from the combination of our industry-specific solutions, a staff with an average tenure of more than 10 years in the industry, and a close-knit client community guiding SalesPage product development. SalesPage’s client partners include Allianz Global Investors, BlackRock, Eaton Vance Management, Federated Investors, Inc., Nuveen Investments, RidgeWorth Investments, Virtus Investment Partners, and Voya Investment Management.