In 2013 David Disser recognized that the refinance marketplace was shrinking to the point that by 2014 new strategies would be required to maintain profits and clients. To this end we have developed a loan officer opportunity management system that will allow financial institutions to focus their marketing campaigns on opportunities that provide the best financial outcome to them.

Mortgage Trac™ combines the analytics that have made us successful with new software we developed in a partnership with Sales Page, Inc., who has over 25 years experience in developing custom software solutions for the financial industry. The software manages the leads which we put into three categories based upon which ones give the highest financial return. By working those leads first, loan officers optimize their time and effort.

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For your Mortgage Servicing Portfolio

  • Analytics performed on your current marketing solicitations
  • Calculations performed to determine the economic benefit  for each loan
  • Loans are listed from top to bottom by which ones give the highest economic benefit
  • Contact information can be updated in the Mortgage Trac™ software
  • Gives you the ability to recapture the Mortgage Servicing Right (MSR) on successful applications

For your Banking Relationship Customers

  • Analytics are performed to discover 1st and 2nd mortgage loan information
  • Analytics performed to determine the best prospects to market mortgage loans to
  • The best candidates are listed by the highest economic benefit
  • Contact  information can be updated in the Mortgage Trac™ software
  • Expands both your mortgage loan portfolio and your relationship with the customers themselves

For the Leads you Purchase

  • Excellent tool to manage the leads you purchase
  • Analytics performed to verify information is accurate and up to date
  • Candidates are listed by the highest economic benefit based on information verification where possible
  • Contact information can be updated in the Mortgage Trac™  software
  • Excellent tool to market to your competition

Mortgage TracTM is an Evolving Product which will soon include:

  • Full management reporting features
  • Sales Tips for Loan Officers
  • A “Best Practices” Guide
  • Deals of the Month
  • A list of Cross Sales opportunities

MORTGAGE TRACTM  Your Loan Officer Opportunity Management System