Mortgage Trac™

CRS developed the Mortgage Trac™ System to assist financial institutions of all sizes to manage their mortgage loan campaigns. We created Mortgage Trac™ to be both modular and scalable, choose the components and populations that work for you! The Mortgage Trac™ System includes:

  • Consulting Services to determine your requirements from a team of mortgage professionals
  • Mortgage Trac™ Analytics – We use our proprietary loan portfolio analytics and combine them with in-depth recorded consumer information to choose the right targeted populations for your marketing campaigns
  • Campaign Coordination and Management in conjunction with your marketing, compliance, mortgage and legal departments
  • Mortgage Trac™ Software – our own loan officer opportunity management software. Update and Trac your campaigns with this easy to implement and use software
  • Full Reporting and Campaign Review on a monthly basis

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For your Mortgage Servicing Portfolio

  • Analytics performed on your current marketing solicitations
  • Calculations performed to determine the economic benefit  for each loan
  • Loans are listed from top to bottom by which customers have the highest economic benefit
  • Contact information can be updated in the Mortgage Trac™ software
  • Gives you the ability to recapture the Mortgage Servicing Right (MSR) on successful applications

For your Banking Relationship Customers

  • Analytics are performed to discover 1st and 2nd mortgage loan information
  • Analytics performed to determine the best prospects to market mortgage loans to
  • The best candidates are listed by the highest economic benefit
  • Contact  information can be updated in the Mortgage Trac™ software
  • Expands both your mortgage loan portfolio and your relationship with the customers themselves

MORTGAGE TRACTM  Your Loan Officer Opportunity Management System