CRS Processes

Since our founding in 2001, CRS has worked constantly to improve our customer retention processes.

  • Annual upgrades in technology and data so that we deliver the best possible information.
  • Our security is improved every year because we strive keep all customer data safe as possible.
  • We attend local and national conferences to keep up with industry best practices.

Using a proprietary program we developed and keep improving, we analyze each customer’s specific profile. The goal is to create economic benefit scenarios that match each customer’s needs and resources.  Our program is evolving; we add to and refine our customer retention processes to make sure they are flexible and in tune with current market conditions.

  • Monthly Analytics – CRS performs mortgage portfolio analysis every month to keep data up to date so that we deliver the best possible outcomes.
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting – each client is provided with complete reports detailing how each campaign has fared. Each report includes percentages and an economic benefit analysis.
  • CRS utilizes Risk Management Decision Modeling.
  • Each client has a tailored “Mortgage Portfolio Filtering Process” to ensure the best prospects are contacted 4-6 times per year.
  • Our Loan Optimization Module matches each financial institutions customer with the qualified products and offers.