CRS History

Customer Retention Solutions (CRS) was founded by David Disser to provide financial institutions with cost-effective marketing campaigns to retain their clients. Since that time, CRS has grown to specialize in the mortgage retention and purchase marketplaces.

By using proprietary analytics and carefully crafted marketing pieces, CRS has been able to develop campaigns that achieve client goals in all rate environments. Our campaigns can be used not only for retaining clients; they can open up new mortgage opportunities with your other banking customers as well.

In 2010, CRS moved into a newer, larger facility in Kalamazoo, MI and expanded our printing and mailing fulfillment services. Using technology from Rich, Xerox and Pitney Bowes, DCRS can produce and manage the volume you require including letters and postcards in both black and white and color formats.

In 2015, CRS once again moved into a larger and newer facility to expand our offerings. The new facility was within a half mile of USPS, UPS and FedEx centers. The same facility houses Secant Technologies, our IT partner and their Tier 3+ Datacenter. This move has increased our security, allowed us to house data in the datacenter and better manage both our mortgage retention and printing and mail fulfillment businesses.

Whether you require analytics and campaign design, printing and mailing fulfillment…..or both, CRS is available to meet your needs.